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Acufast Needle Wrist Launcher kit

Acufast Needle Wrist Launcher kit

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Eileen Han PhD.,LAc. AcuFast Needle Wrist Launcher kit

Eileen Han PhD., LAc. Acufast Wrist Launcher Kit

This AcuFast needle wrist launcher kit was created by Dr. Eileen Han for use with her practice and Dr Han practice Dr Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture.

The Acufast Earth Friendly needle, when used in combination with the the needle launcher and sccessories, keeps your hands free and ease access to your needles.  Use as demonstrated by Dr Han in her treinings.

the kit includes:

  • 1 x AcuFast Needle Wrist Launcher
  • 2 x AcuBase with 2 metal strips
  • 2 x AcuClips


Use the AcuBase and AcuClip to hold your two most popular sizes of needles.  One AcuBase and one AcuClip loaded with your open pouch of needles is called and an "assembly".  With this kit you can make two AcuBase and Acuclip assemblies with two of your favorite Acufast needle sizes.

The Metal strips included in this kit are used to creat a "parking spot" for your needle assembly.  You can remove the backing of the metal strip and place it on a tray, cart, wall or desktop that will serve as a clean field area when not usin the needles.  Once you have established your parking spots, you are ready to go.  For more information about the AcuBase and use of the metal strips see

To begin, place the AcuFast Wrist launcher on your non-dominant wrist according to insturctions.  Choose your needle size and attache the respective AcuBase and AcuClip assembly to the AcuFast needle Wrist Launcher.  You are now ready to go.  The needles are now easily accessible, and your hands are free to locate and find points.

Caution: this product contains strong magnets that may interfere with pacemakers or ther eletrical equipment.  Do not place the Needle Wrist Launcher, AcuBase and AcuClip on the patient's chest.



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  • Note: Acufast Needle Wriat Launcher should only be used by qualified healthcare professional.


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